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is your relationship with god dry, boring & inconsistent?

Do any of these describe you?


Do you need to spend time with God, but find that there are so many other things screaming for your attention…and you keep putting it off?


Do you want to begin building your spiritual life, but have no idea how to go about it…or where to start? Does the Bible seem too complex and out of reach? 

is your personal life disorganized & directionless?

Do any of these describe you?


Have you discovered that planning your life and executing that plan is much harder than you ever expected, and that you could use some assistance?


Do you live with guilt and regret because you are so busy and tired, and the most precious people in your life are getting the “scraps” of your time and energy?

Crash and Rebuild...but NEVER give up!

You CAN turn it around!

In 2007, my life imploded. I stepped down from my position as the founding pastor of a rapidly growing church due to sexual misconduct. My marriage was in shambles and my reputation was shot. We left our church, our home, our friends, our city, and our calling…relocating and starting over in another city and state. We felt isolated and abandoned, and were emotionally and spiritually hemorrhaging. I was filled with rage towards God. For 2 years I didn’t open my Bible, the book that I had studied 30+ hours per week while in ministry.

My shame and regret were layers deep. I felt hard, cold…dead. To say that it was a “dark night of the soul” would be an understatement.

But God was not done with me. He had not abandoned me or thrown me into the rubbish bin…and while I had my middle finger up at Him, He was quietly using His masterful hands to resuscitate and re-shape my heart.

Psalm 102:7 declares: “Let the Redeemed of the Lord SAY SO…whom He has redeemed from the hand of the Enemy!” It’s time to SAY SO. God has healed my wayward heart, my fractured marriage, my wounded family and my passion for people. It’s time for me to open the Word of God again, and start to pour! 

Brother, I can’t wait to serve you with what God has given me! 

Check out my Coaching Program…Foundations 101: The Fundamentals

Russell De Vos

Certified Life & Leadership Coach

FOUNDATIONS 101: The Fundamentals

What if your life could significantly change
...in the next 30 days?

A large portion of my life has been spent on sweaty wrestling mats. I was an Oregon State Wrestling Champion in High School, went to college on a wrestling scholarship, and then spent 6 years coaching at the High School level. 

Wrestling has shaped the way I view and live life.  And one thing that I’ve learned from my time on the mat is this: The wrestler who builds a strong FOUNDATION based on the FUNDAMENTALS…WINS. The one who doesn’t…DOESN’T.  

The same applies to the Wrestling Mat of Life. You’ve got to build a strong foundation for your life…strong MINDSETS, strong HABITS, strong RELATIONSHIPS, strong FAITH…or you will STRUGGLE. 

And a lot of good men…with good hearts and a strong desire to make a difference…are being HELD DOWN and HELD BACK because they lack order, structure, and focus in MAJOR areas of their lives. 

They lack a SOLID FOUNDATION! They haven’t mastered the FUNDAMENTALS.

Can you identify? Does this describe you? 

That can all dramatically change in the next 30 days. 

FOUNDATIONS 101: The Fundamentals is a 12-week intensive Coaching Program to build the skills, routines and habits necessary for you to WIN in EVERY AREA of your life—spiritual, personal, marital , family, work…and beyond…because the principles apply across the board. Once mastered, you can apply them in any situation…and the guys I work with are seeing  SIGNIFICANT CHANGES WITHIN THE FIRST 30 days!! 

It’s simple AND it works. The guys who are doing the work are seeing almost immediate results.

The FOUNDATIONS 101: The Fundamentals Coaching Program REQUIRES HARD WORK, but it will give you the extra horse-power that you need to BREAK OUT OF YOUR RUTS and MOVE FORWARD. And it will be worth every ounce of your effort!! You will be a DIFFERENT MAN when you are finished. 

To LEARN MORE about FOUNDATIONS 101, OR to APPLY for the program, CLICK the button below.


Greater clarity

Because your priorities are clear AND you are starting your days by building your heart and organizing your mind, you are becoming a calm and inspiring influence wherever you go.

greater productivity

Your life is becoming characterized by stability and consistency; your relationships God and  with your loved ones are becoming healthier; your productivity is skyrocketing.  

growing Confidence

You, and all those around you, are beginning to see a new strength and confidence in you because your inner person is being nourished, and you are living “on purpose”…with a plan. 

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"Russ delivered me to a new place in my life."

Steve B (Businessman, High School Teacher), Everett, WA

“When I first started working with Russ, it was a crucial time in my life. I had many decisions to make–Spiritual, Career Changing, Personal Relationships, Physical, Major Family Decisions and Marital Issues. Russ coached me and navigated me through these issues and gave me strength and the tools to address and accomplish ALL of these issues and make dramatic changes in my LIFE, which I’m very thankful for. Russ brought me out of my comfort zone and delivered me to a new place in my life.”

3 Steps to GET STARTED

Are You Ready to grow?


Schedule your Free “Ignition” Brainstorming Session for us to get clear on what your goals are and where we need to focus our work.


We’ll create a simple action plan based on your goals, set up action steps, and begin to get the ship going in the right direction.


We’ll work together to execute your plan as I guide you through the GoToTheMat Coaching Program…and watch as change happens.

FREE "Discovery" Coaching SESSION

One bold step can change everything.

In this 60-minute brainstorming session, you and I get clear on what your CURRENT spiritual and personal life looks like, visualize how you would LIKE THEM to look, and create some ACTION STEPS to get you MOVING in that direction. Go ahead and schedule it! I look forward to our time together!

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