Giving Parents the Tools They Need to Help Their Prodigal teens

I help Parents of defiant, delinquent or drug-abusing teens



  • Conversations with your teen are almost always disrespectful, and they defy virtually everything you tell them to do?
  • Your teen is lying, sneaking out, skipping school, abusing drugs, vandalizing your home…amongst other things? 
  • Your work is being impacted due to chaotic days and sleepless nights AND your health is suffering because of high levels of stress? 
  • Your marriage is highly stressed because you and your spouse can’t agree about how to deal with your teen’s bad behavior?
  • All other relationships are suffering because dealing with your delinquent teen takes up so much time and energy?
  • Your valuables have to be locked down, and you have installed cameras and security system sensors on your doors and windows?
  • You are scared of your teen OR scared that you will hurt your teen…if something doesn’t change?
  • The local police are becoming far too familiar with your family and your son?
  • You are out of answers and losing hope because you have tried everything you know to fix your teen and remedy the situation? 

All of these were shared with me by parents from all over the country. You are not alone. 

BUT…I BELIEVE that it is possible for parents to navigate the storm of teen delinquency calmly and confidently, without sinking into despair. 

I also BELIEVE that Equipped parents are Empowered parents who can EFFECTIVELY and SUCCESSFULLY support their teen’s journey to sanity and/or sobriety. It’s the reason behind everything I do.

I can say these things CONFIDENTLY, because I have LIVED them. They are my family’s EXPERIENCE, and the experience of MANY, MANY MORE. 

So if you’re TIRED of the CHAOS and ready to become a source of STRENGTH and SUPPORT for your teen, CHECK OUT LIFELINE…

...my new program for parents of prodigal TEENS


You CAN turn it around!

My wife and I were sitting on the couch on a Sunday afternoon watching the Seattle Seahawks play football when the call came. Our youngest son had been found in the home of a total stranger in the middle of the day, had been apprehended, and was sitting in the back of a police car. Would we come pick him up and take him home? He had told us that he was going for a bike ride. He failed to mention the home intrusion.

This was just one in a long series of events that included perpetual sneakiness and lying, ongoing defiance and disrespect, failing grades, suspension from school, vandalism of our property, stolen credit cards, running away, and finally entry into the drug world. We were exhausted. We had used up all our creativity trying to help him, and with our marriage on the rocks, we were ready to throw up the white flag. We were out of answers and almost out of hope. Does any of this sound familiar?

I know your pain…sick and tired of the chaos, with very little idea of how to move forward with your out-of-control teenager. We tried the things that most people try…reading books, watching videos, counseling sessions with and without our son, and multiple programs to help us fix our son—but it wasn’t until we discovered a new process, where the focus WASN’T on our son, but was on OURSELVES, that the breakthrough finally came.

Our household completely changed. We had new faith, new skills, a unified marriage, a new plan, and new confidence. There was peace and stability, and the chaos and hopelessness did not return. Today, our relationship with our son has never been stronger, our marriage continues to grow, and our home has never experienced more harmony. We are in a better position to truly help our son in his journey to health and wholeness than we’ve ever been. And I am passionate about offering you the same LIFELINE that I grabbed hold of, and helping YOU bring peace and stability to YOUR home.

If you would like this to be your story, check out my Coaching Program…LIFELINE.

Russell De Vos

Certified Life & Leadership Coach

Giving Parents the Tools They Need to Help Their Defiant, Delinquent or Drug-Abusing Teens

What if YOU AND YOUR family could make significant changes
...in the next 120 days?

LIFELINE is a 3-Stage, 16-week intensive program to build the mindsets, skills, character traits and the strategy necessary for you to be an asset to your teen’s recovery process AND to take back the authority in your home. 

And it works. Families all over the country are experiencing life-changing results.

LIFELINE will give you ALL YOU NEED to MOVE FORWARD, and it will be worth every ounce of your effort! You will be a DIFFERENT MAN or WOMAN when you are finished. You will be a DIFFERENT COUPLE. You will be a DIFFERENT FAMILY. 

To LEARN MORE about LIFELINE, CLICK the “LEARN MORE ABOUT LIFELINE” button below OR click on “PROGRAMS/LIFELINE” in the Menu at the top.


Greater clarity

Parents’ misconceptions and faulty thinking about how to help their teens set them up for disappointment and failure. We will replace these with new and empowering mindsets. 

growing confidence

There are behaviors and relational landmines that continue to severely short-circuit the recovery process. As we identify, address and remove these obstacles, your confidence surges. 

galvanizing plan

You need a strategy…A Plan…that will guide your interactions with your teen. Together we will create the plan that will empower you to navigate this journey clearly and calmly. 

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"we were so fortunate to have Russ guiding us through all the challenges."

Ryan & Amy O'Hanlon, Washington, Missouri

“During our journey with our struggling teen, we were so fortunate to have Russ as a coach/leader teaching, guiding and ministering to us through all the challenges. The lessons we learned under his leadership helped us learn how to manage the chaos, restore peace in our home and rebuild a relationship with our teen. Our confidence as parents was restored, and new principles learned also helped us in parenting our other children. It’s still a journey, but there is hope!

If you find yourself struggling with your teen or know someone who is, we strongly encourage you to reach out to Russ for guidance.”

3 Steps to GET STARTED

Are You Ready to grow?


Schedule your Free “Stop the Chaos” Zoom Consultation for us to get clear on your current situation and how you’d like that to change.

choose your path

Together, we’ll decide which learning and growth vehicle is your best fit, and formulate a strategy for moving forward.


With my guidance you’ll learn skills, be given tools, and will create a Strategic Plan to support your teen and bring peace back to your home.

FREE "Stop the chaos" zoom consultation

One bold step can change everything.

In this 45-minute brainstorming session, you and I get clear on what your CURRENT family life looks like, visualize how you would LIKE it to look, and discuss that ACTION STEPS necessary to get you MOVING in that direction. You can schedule your Zoom Consultation below. I look forward to our time together!

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