Struggling to know what to do with your out-of-control teen?

Let's have a conversation about your next steps for helping your teen and bringing peace back to your home...

LIFELINE is a three-stage program to help you acquire the knowledge, tools and strategy you need to support your teen’s journey back to sanity. I know it might seem impossible now, but with the right guidance and support, you can dramatically increase the odds of making this desire a reality.

The three stages are:

Stage #1: Understanding the Chaos
Stage #2: Eliminating the Obstacles
Stage #3: Developing the Strategy

Success in anything comes down to doing the right things, the right ways. Most
people guess their way forward, which is why most parents remain in crisis with their
teen. The secret is to learn from the wisdom and experience of others who have
already walked this difficult road, and save yourself an immense amount of

Fortunately for you, I and my wife have already walked this brutal road with our
youngest son, have figured out how to navigate this journey with a clear mind, a calm heart and a comprehensive plan, and have helped parents all over the country to do the same. And I would love to help you too! 

If you know that you are ready to get started working together, click the “ENROLL IN LIFELINE” button below, and you’ll be on your way to a whole new life!

If you still have questions, I would love to spend 45 minutes with you to get a clear picture of your current home-life and prodigal chaos, consider your potential action steps and options, and share how you can begin RIGHT AWAY to support your teen and restore peace and sanity to your home. You should leave this call clearer, more focused, encouraged, and inspired to take action towards health and healing for your teen, your marriage and your family.

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To schedule your free "Stop the Chaos" Zoom Consultation, click the button below.

  • DISCOVER: The 5 Most Common Parent Mindsets that Sabotage their Teen’s Recovery
  • LEARN: 6 Experiences Necessary for your Teen’s Authentic Recovery
  • MASTER: 6 Essential Elements of Productive Parenting
  • IDENTIFY: 4 Foundational Truths about Struggling Families
  • REALIZE: The Most Important Hinge to Healing for a Prodigal
  • CREATE a comprehensive PLAN to guide your interactions with your teen.
  • RECOGNIZE: 8 Behaviors That Indicate True Heart Change in Your Teen

How Would Your Life be Different IF...


I’m not talking about perfection. Not at all. 

I AM talking about a HOME where you are living on PURPOSE, with PEACE and with a PLAN. 

I am talking about a FAMILY that is FOCUSED and INTENTIONAL! 

It requires WORK…hard work…but very rewarding work!




You will begin living with hope, and no longer be wracked with anxiety and fear. 


You will learn principles and skills that will equip you to parent with new confidence.

A Plan

You will operate from a plan, and will be strategic and intentional in all you do.

Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks

Even though I have multiple certifications as a Leadership Coach, and have been a pastor for over 10 years, it is my life experience that most qualifies me to serve you. I have experienced both high highs and low lows, great successes and epic failures…and have learned volumes from both. My wife and I have walked this road of teen delinquency and drug-abuse, and have emerged stronger, better and more faith-filled than ever. God has been exceedingly gracious and kind to us!  

We have had the privilege of working with hundreds of parents all over the country who, likely just like you, deeply loved their teens but had not idea how to help them. They had tried everything…to no avail. We have had the amazing privilege to see them walk OUT OF darkness and confusion with no plan INTO calm and confidence…with a plan. 

I would welcome the opportunity to work with you as well!

Russell De Vos

John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach

"We have grown tremendously through this program!”

Jeremy d, (construction), Coaching client, san diego, cA

Russ gives you tools that you can use for a lifetime. It will not only help you understand your prodigal, it will also keep your marriage intact as you walk through difficulties. We have grown tremendously through this program and would recommend it 100% every day of the week!”

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