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Is life as a man a lot tougher than you thought it would be?

It certainly has been for me...

There was conflict in our marriage right out of the chutes, and when our 3 children came, one right after the other in less than 4 years, I found being a new dad to be amazingly difficult. This marriage and family thing was hard! Bloody hard! Add into the mix the dark clouds of my marital unfaithfulness AND the thunder & lightning of our kids  becoming teen-agers…and, well, you have the perfect storm. And what a storm it was. I thrived at work, where people praised me and gave me awards. But at home I wasn’t winning ANY awards. My “approval rating” as a dad and husband was at an all-time low. I was failing in these most important “man” categories!

I have a core belief that if you are not winning AT HOME, with your most precious people, you’re not winning AT ALL. And for years, I was losing the battle at home. 

I have found this to be true of so many men. Winning at work, losing at home. Thriving on the job site, but just surviving with the family. Does any of this ring a bell? 

BUT...things CAN change...Significantly!

In November of 2015, I woke up to the fact that things could not continue as they were. We were in a perpetual “crazy cycle.” Something had to change. I realized that it was ME that had to change! 

So I made it my mission to change. It was slow. It was tedious. There were steps forward, and steps back. It took an immense amount of work, the help of a coach, a lot of prayer and Divine assistance…but, little by little, things began to turn around. Little by little, I began to change

And the work continues…

Here is the bottom line: You NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER. There is HOPE. You CAN change and grow. You CAN be a great man. You can be a great husband and father. It will take work…lots of work, but if you are willing to put in the time and effort, you CAN lead yourself and your family WELL. I promise you. 

Brother, I have learned much on this journey, both through failure AND success, and have acquired some hard-earned wisdom that will help you as you strive to be a better man, husband and father. It would be my pleasure to share it with you!

Let’s go on this journey together! It would be my honor to walk with you.

How Would Your Life be Different IF...


IT’S NOT! This is absolutely possible. BUT…it requires WORK…hard work…but very rewarding work!

I’m not talking about perfection. Not at all. 

I AM talking about a life where you are living with PURPOSE and with PEACE. 

I am talking about a life where your spiritual passion is re-ignited and your life is FOCUSED and INTENTIONAL! 

Here are the RESULTS you will get from Foundations 101: The Fundamentals.


You will be able to look yourself in the mirror and KNOW that you are leading YOURSELF well. And because of this, you have a strong foundation to build on. This is the first and most important work that you will do!

Healthier Relationships

Your relationship skills will dramatically improve, and your relationships with God, yourself, your wife AND your kids will be so much healthier. Your faith will be growing, and your marriage and parenting “fitness” will go to a new level.

A Plan

You will be living from a plan and will be focused, and intentional in all you do. Together, we will put together a plan that will help you confidently lead yourself, and that will create a home filled with love and peace, not conflict and chaos.

Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks

Even though I have multiple certifications as a Men’s Spiritual & Personal Productivity Coach, and have been a pastor for over 10 years, it is my life experience that most qualifies me to serve you. I have experienced both high highs and low lows, great successes and epic failures…and have learned volumes from both.

I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of every-day men just like myself, and likely just like you, who deeply want to do well in life AND be great men, great husbands, and great fathers…but who struggle to balance both. 

I can help you…because I, too, am a struggler, who has gained some wisdom and insight in the midst of the struggle. I have never found life to be easy, but I refuse to give up. I stubbornly keep working, learning and growing.

If that describes you, we just might be a fit to work together. 

I would welcome the opportunity!

Russell De Vos

Certified Men's Spiritual & Personal Productivity Coach


Lucas H, (Marketing), Coaching client & mastermind participant, Marysville, WA

“I came to Russ with a lot of issues to work on. We decided together to start with my relationship with my fiancé, who I have been with for 12 years and have a 6 yr. old child with. To put it simply, our relationship was on the verge of ending. I was ready to walk away from it all despite the consequences to our family. 

Since I started coaching, our relationship has improved greatly. We have made great progress. We have begun to communicate more (we barely even talked to each other), and I’m learning how to treat her like a princess. She has noticed a lot of change as well, and has become a lot more affectionate towards me and we are excited to see where our relationship can go in the future. Currently, Russ and I are moving into other areas such as finances, leadership, and my relationship with God.

I feel like I am becoming a better man and am on the way to being a great leader who can make a big impact! I would recommend Russ as a coach, and have already recommended him to a few co-workers. I have always felt comfortable being honest with him. I’ve gotten to see him as a leader in our industry, a coach, and as a friend, and I respect that he practices what he preaches and that he is the same behind the curtains as he is on stage (metaphorically speaking).”

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Nothing Changes UNLESS Something Changes. A “Catalyst” is defined as “an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action” and I am committed to being that “Catalyst” for you. So, if you’re ready to stop struggling alone, and would like to explore what it would be like to work together, complete the application below. I’ll personally review it, and reply shortly with your next steps.

I look forward to talking with you!

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