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After struggling for so many years with our youngest son, we were out of answers and almost out of hope.  We could not continue to “go around the same mountain” over and over again. At the end of our rope, we were offered a life line in the form of principles, tools, strategies and a wise, seasoned community necessary to navigate our prodigal chaos with hope and a new confidence. It saved our marriage, gave us a clear path to walk on, and helped restore peace and sanity to our home. 

We have since offered couples all over the country the same LIFELINE…to experience the same thing we did. We have seen miracle after miracle, as families are put back together. 

I would be honored to offer that LIFELINE to you. 

In this Free Guide you will:

  • LEARN the 3 STAGES that you must progress through to become an asset to your teen’s recovery.
  • DISCOVER the 6 STEPS that you must complete to move out of confusion AND into clarity. 
  • EXPLORE the 6 OBSTACLES that must be removed in order for relationship to be restored with your teen. 
  • IDENTIFY the 4 ACTIONS that must be taken to create AND implement your strategic Parenting Plan.

LIFELINE quick start guide

Giving Parents the Tools They Need to Help Their Defiant, Delinquent or Drug-Abusing Teens

In my free guide, I reveal  the 3 Stages that parents must walk through to be an asset to their struggling teen and restore peace to their home. To receive your copy now, enter your name and email below! It will be in your inbox shortly.

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