Parenting TEENS is TOUGH! Communication is EVERYTHING! But it ISN'T EASY!

  • Are you at your whit’s end trying to connect, and find yourself saying, “I just CAN’T get through to him/her?”
  • Do well-meaning attempts to share loving advice deteriorate into angry shouting matches?
  • Do you feel like there’s a HUGE WALL between you and your teen-ager (or loved one)…that keeps you isolated and separated?


  • …you COULD communicate effectively, with love and humility?
  • …you COULD break the cycle of pain, frustration and resentment?

Join me at my free upcoming S.P.A.C.E. Webinar!

I will teach you 5 Communication skills that will transform your relationship with your teens, spouse, or any other family member!**

**Depending on the week, the FREE Webinar could be “Stop Talking…and LISTEN!! 5 Listening Skill for Getting Through to Absolutely ANYONE”OR another vitally important topic. (Click the “register now!” button to find out which is being offered.)

“S.P.A.C.E…. is exactly what all parents need to hear to strengthen their marriage and their relationships with their kids, especially their teenage kids who need S.P.A.C.E. more than anyone. I’ve sat in on Russ’ presentations and, as a professional working with parents and their teens for 20 years, I highly recommend this tool be added to your toolbelt and utilized frequently. This class is for YOU!”


“This was a fantastic class! It shows how emotions can tear a family apart, and how, by understanding the emotions of family members and thinking of others before putting yourself first, you can resolve the most difficult situations. Russ showed how to diffuse difficult situations into rather simple solutions by not reacting as humans do but rather listening to others as they provide crucial information… if anyone follows these simple rules, there is no reason there cannot be harmony in any family.” 


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