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What my clients are saying...

I have always been amazed at what can be done when people work together. Incredible obstacles can be overcome and amazing goals accomplished. Below are unedited comments from clients who I have worked with. I hope you are inspired!

"In just 4 months...I have written 13 stories and lost 7.8% of my body fat!"

Ryan O. (Small Business Owner, Flooring), Coaching Client, Washington, MO

 “I wanted to send a testimony on how meaningful my time with Russ was for myself and family. 

I am 45 years old, married with 4 children, one being a struggling teen, and I own a small business. I came in with a lot of goals left on the table for several years. Mainly wanting to start writing some key messages for my children as something I wanted to leave behind as an inheritance.

Secondly, my health had been neglected for 10 years and was trending in the wrong direction. 

I chose Russ as my coach because of his wisdom, bold truthfulness, and clear skill I recognized. 

During our time together, in just 4 months, I have written 13 stories and lost 7.8% of my body fat! 

The biggest blessing is what I didn’t realize happened: my children watched me study hard nightly and work out. Their curiosity led to them wanting to get more involved with me and totally follow my lead, to my surprise! 

I had underestimated my influence at home! When Russ dialed me in, the whole family benefited. 

I am a very busy person with a very tough schedule. Accountability, truth and encouragement from Russ made this process more than I could have asked for and I am looking forward to another round in the future.” 

"It has been a privilege to have Russ guide me!"

Duane S. (Business Owner/Landscaper), Coaching Client, Redding, CA

“It has been a privilege to have Russ guide me through the coaching process. His insight and wisdom have helped me see with a new pair of glasses and has been the catalyst of many paradigm shifts. This process has helped me to focus in the “now”, prioritize and take action.

I would encourage others to check it out, if you are looking for new direction and change.”


Nathan B. (Pastor), Coaching Client, St. Joseph's, MI

“My coaching experience with Russ was phenomenal. He is super committed to helping you grow and gives 110% each week. I couldn’t say enough good things about him as a coach. It’s an investment worth every penny.” 

"Russ will help get you
to your NEXT LEVEL!"

Clinton G. (Sales Manager), Coaching Client, Seattle, WA

“To whom it may concern,

 I highly suggest hiring Russ as a personal/professional development coach! 
I have known Russ for almost 14 years and this is a man that lives, breaths and practices excellence on a daily basis. I have seen this purely based off the results I’ve observed him achieve in life AND at work! This is a man that has gone through some tough times personally and has used the strength Christ has given him to pick himself up, dust himself off and rise up again! Seeing him improve his personal life has been a pleasure and an encouragement to me along my own path. 
In business, I couldn’t think of a more disciplined person than Russ, which is why I hired him as a coach and used his teachings and advice in my daily routines and have seen tremendous growth in my office’s maturity as well as my own. His coaching prices are very reasonable and everything he asks you to do is achievable and practical steps to help get you to the NEXT LEVEL. Russ has been and always will be a CATALYST, I hope you will use him to help get you to your NEXT LEVEL!!”

"Russ delivered me to a new place in my life!"

Steve B. (Businessman, High School Teacher), Coaching Client, Everett, WA

“When I first started working with Russ it was a crucial time in my life. I had many decisions to make–Spiritual, Career Changing, Personal Relationships, Physical, Major Family Decisions and Marital Issues. Russ coached me and navigated me through these issues and gave me strength and the tools to address and accomplish ALL of these issues and make dramatic changes in my LIFE, which I’m very thankful for!”

“It’s been amazing to see the results in my life!”

Tucker W. (Sales & Project Management), Mastermind Group participant, Seattle, WA

“I would highly recommend these Mastermind programs, and the coaching that accompanies them to anyone…It’s been amazing to see the results in my life, and it’s been a bonus to see improvements in others that have been working with Russ as well!”

"our relationship was on the verge of ending...but we have made great progress”

Lucas H, (Marketing), Coaching client , Marysville, WA

“I came to Russ with a lot of issues to work on. We decided together to start with my relationship with my fiancé, who I have been with for 12 years and have a 6 yr. old child with. To put it simply, our relationship was on the verge of ending. I was ready to walk away from it all despite the consequences to our family. 

Since I started coaching, our relationship has improved greatly. We have made great progress. We have begun to communicate more (we barely even talked to each other), and I’m learning how to treat her like a princess. She has noticed a lot of change as well, and has become a lot more affectionate towards me and we are excited to see where our relationship can go in the future. Currently, Russ and I are moving into other areas such as finances, leadership, and my relationship with God.

I feel like I am becoming a better man and am on the way to being a great leader who can make a big impact! I would recommend Russ as a coach, and have already recommended him to a few co-workers. I have always felt comfortable being honest with him. I’ve gotten to see him as a leader in our industry, a coach, and as a friend, and I respect that he practices what he preaches and that he is the same behind the curtains as he is on stage (metaphorically speaking).”

“Russ provided solid and practical coaching for life skills improvement”

Walt C. (Pastor), Coaching Client, North Bend, WA

“Russ DeVos has been my life coach for more than a year and is a gifted life coach. During my time with Russ, he provided solid and practical coaching for life skills improvement…I highly recommend Russ DeVos as a life coach…The reality is, life presents tremendous challenges, and Russ can coach you through and help you conquer these challenges.”

“I was able to improve several different areas of my life simultaneously”

Mike B. (Sales & Marketing, Entrepreneur), Coaching Client, Las Vegas, NV

“Russ is an expert at holding the space so that his client can work on what they want out of life, create a plan of action, and be accountable. I was able to improve several different areas of my life simultaneously…For me, Russ was a force multiplier, expertly helping me navigate around any blocks and challenges that came up. I recommend contacting Russ if you are ready for that game-changing experience that will take you from where you are now to where you want to go.”

“You were instrumental in furthering the growth in my life by leaps and bounds.”

Paul C. (Realtor), Mastermind Group Participant, Seattle, WA

“You were instrumental in furthering by leaps and bounds the growth in my life that now brings such blessings. God bless you, Russ!”

“He is most definitely living what he’s teaching”

Randy D. (IT Specialist), Mastermind Group Participant, Vancouver, WA

“I recently completed a 15-week Mastermind group going through the book “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.” Russ led the group and did an outstanding job. Prior to each meeting he would send an outline of the meeting with fill in the blanks to keep us engaged. He always came well prepared with additional stories, quotes and material not found in the book, which added to the enjoyment and learning. Outside of the group he would often send encouraging texts with a powerful quote, story, or link to something that reinforced the material.

“He is most definitely living what he’s teaching. I’ve witnessed his growth as a result of him applying the principles and teaching them to us.

“Russ is a very enthusiastic, encouraging teacher who believed in all of us, sometimes more than we believed in ourselves! You could tell that he genuinely cared for each person in the group. He was always pushing us to ACT on what we learned, not just read about it, and always in loving way. I’ve been in many different small groups and have to say I’ve never been in a better group with a better teacher. Anyone can grab a book and start a group with it; it’s the leader who makes all the difference.

“If you are thinking about joining a group led by Russ, stop thinking about it and do it! You’ll be very glad you did.

“i have benefited beyond expectations”

Stephen p. (marine, Retail Sales), coaching client, kent, WA

“Before I began working with Russ, I lacked motivation to accomplish goals, tasks, and had little direction and purpose in my life. I also had a diminished self-esteem. Being a Marine, that was unacceptable! My life was not where I wanted it to be. I realized that I needed a “boot camp” to put me on a path to become the man God created me to be, and Russ would be my personal drill instructor to kick start that journey. I have benefited beyond expectations. I now plan my days, set goals and accomplish them. I know I am becoming more and more the man Christ has created me to be. I have Russ to thank for that. I have more confidence, better drive and I have a purpose. I am currently focused on the goal of losing weight and am almost halfway to my desired weight.

I believe everyone needs a coach in their life. Russ is great with all different personalities and individuals. He has the experience, knowledge, and temperament to help guide you to a happy, successful life. Russ is that man to help me to stay the course of personal growth”

“Russ made me realize that if I’m not growing, I’m dying”

Mastermind Group Participant, Mukilteo, WA

“I’ve learned that everything I do must be intentional. I create my day and I’m responsible for that. I have grown because my intentions are less selfish. I want to add value to family, friends and others’ lives. I know that I want to be a river, not a reservoir. Russ made me realize that if I’m not growing, I’m dying. I would recommend this mastermind class to anybody!”

“What an incredible, life-changing experience!”

Kimberlee S. (Highly Capable/Hi Cap Elementary School Teacher), Snohomish, WA

“Coping with Stress,” was the topic my 29 students were studying. Who better to help us, than a life coach? I was blessed to find Russ De Vos. When he walked into the room, he had an energy about him. A positive light in the room. He not only kept a group of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders interested for more than an hour, but he quickly recognized each student by their responses and he worked with that to build relationships around the room. In that short period of time, Russ went on to share steps of how to make positive changes in their lives by changing how they think about a situation. After Russ left, the students and I were all aglow with the idea of how looking at a situation could change our lives. You can still see the students trying to practice changing how they look at something to help them change their attitude. I can only imagine, the amazing power Russ could have helping someone looking to improve their life through coaching. What an incredible life-changing experience!”

“I have experienced a lot of growth over this period of time.”

Ames S., MD (Oncologist), Coaching Client, Seattle, WA

“The time was definitely very well spent. There were key things shared with me that were very helpful…I have experienced a lot of growth over this period of time…I would be very comfortable referring someone to you for coaching.”

“Russ stimulated each of us individually to stretch, grow and change”

Tom B. (Physical Therapist), Mastermind Group Participant, Bend, OR

“Being a part of a Mastermind group led by Russ has been inspiring, challenging and eye-opening. Russ led the group by sharing rich personal experiences, and challenged each of us personally. Russ stimulated each of us individually to stretch, grow and change into becoming people who are growing and improving in our character as well as in our personal and professional lives.

“If you want to not just survive this life, but to thrive, I highly recommend Russ as a life coach. Russ can help you to grow and thrive personally, professionally, relationally and financially.
Even if you are already doing well in life, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Russ can help you become a person of greater significance and success.”

“It's been just what i needed!"

Myles T., (Fund Raiser), Coaching Client, North Carolina

“Having Russ walk alongside me these past months helped me to focus and set goals for this next season of my life. Along with these goals are strategies for accomplishing them. Drawing from his life experience and learning while listening to mine has helped me set a course and got me moving. It’s been just what I needed!”

“I have made 3 sales in the last week!"

Jeremiah W., (sales Rep), Coaching Client, Seattle, WA

On Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 07:25:35 AM PDT, Jeremiah W. wrote:


Thank you for inspiring me to wake up earlier. I have felt closer to God this last week than I have in a long time. Also, I have made 3 sales in the last week!

Every Wednesday I attend a group with some good friends of mine. I will talk with them and see if they will be interested in coaching sessions with you. If so, I will have some phone numbers for you next week.

You da man! 

add your own story of growth!

One bold step can change everything.

One common thread between all of the men represented in the stories below: THEY TOOK ACTION to improve their lives. When presented with the opportunity, they didn’t procrastinate or go into analysis paralysis. They made a COURAGEOUS DECISION to change and grow, and they took action. I encourage you to do the same.

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